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Himanshu Rana

Himanshu Rana

My Name is Himanshu Rana, 24 Years young, born and grow up in Ghaziabad, India. A High Spirited Salesforce Admin, Developer and a Blogger. I currently work as Independent/freelance developer . The goal of this blog is to provide tips and tricks/workarounds for software and salesforce developer and admins. Many of us face the same issues and have the same questions when using and implementing Salesforce. As a community of users and developers, it is important for us to share our experiences. I try to reach out to other users and help the Software community in general.Much of this blog will focus on Apex (code & config.) but I will also cover some of the more basic topics in software development .I am just a guy who uses and loves Salesforce, and wants to help other people who use and developer Salesforce.com. Thank You

Software developer

  • Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Application developer, Web application developer

My Skills

HTML - 90%
CSS - 90%
Javascript - 80%
Salesforce - 90%
Apex - 90%
Visualforce - 90%
Apex Trigger - 90%
Apex Integration - 70%
Apex Lightining - 80%
Wordpress - 70%
Php - 70%
Mysql - 80%
Soql - 90%



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